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Congrats to our very own, Tabitha Moses!

Tabitha is an MD-PhD student here at Wayne State. Her budding career is filled with future potential! She has been awarded an NIH grant funding her tuition and other predoctoral support until 2025. Her research examines how neural pathways are affected in those with substance use disorder. Keep up the great work!
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Current Projects

The Stress and Substance Use project aims to examine the effect of stress on human drug-seeking behavior. Lab studies have shown that stress may increase drug-seeking behavior. Signs indicate that people may experience similar effects.
Through repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), some neural functions can be altered. One example is using rTMS through the frontal-cortical area to alter executive function and stress-induced behavior.
This project examines the role of Orexin receptors in stress and substance use behaviors and medications that block these receptors can help with opioid abstinence.
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